World premiere, IO-ISLAND deploys on the pearl of the Pacific | BORA BORA

A sustainable and smart island.

IO-EKO is partnering with ARCHETHIC TECHNOLOGIES to create a responsible ecosystem aimed at reconciling humans with nature.

IO-ISLAND : an ambitious project to create an innovative technological ecosystem to protect islands. Bora-Bora is the first island to benefit from this promising vision.

The first part of this ambitious project, developed by the French entrepreneur Yann VALLET, is to take the best of technology to create an ecosystem to discover and enjoy the beauty of this island, while respecting the environment.

This paradise, nestled in the heart of French Polynesia, under the impetus of its mayor Gaston TONG SANG, a visionary who has always been aware of the need to preserve the natural ecosystems of his island, will benefit from a digital twin in order to monitor the island’s ecological health in real time.

By combining blockchain technology, this innovative initiative will also offer tourists the possibility to calculate and erase their carbon footprint, thus contributing to the protection of the environment while raising public awareness of sustainability. The IO-ISLAND platform will also allow Bora-Bora to experiment with new web3 tools, such as NFT and digital experiences through METAVERSE, a natural extension for IO-EKO.

This approach is part of a larger desire to make Bora Bora a resolutely modern island, using technology to preserve the environment.

Gaston TONG SANG, Mayor of Bora Bora comments

Gaston TONG SANG | Tavana of Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a paradise for people and biodiversity, it is our responsibility to do everything possible to protect our pearl of the South Pacific.

We have been committed to sustainable development in Bora Bora since 1989, 34 years this year! In concrete terms, the Blue Flag, the environmental quality label of excellence, has been displayed on the island’s bathing sites since the year 2000 without interruption.
The Marianne d’Or had already been awarded in 2007 to reward the commune for its action in the protection of the environment.

To preserve and enhance the unique lagoon of Bora Bora, we regulate navigation and traffic in inland waters.

Another pilot project, unique in the world, in partnership with the CRIOBE, aims at carrying out a qualitative and acoustic monitoring of the lagoon.
We are working with other partners on the management and protection of lagoon areas: it is a question of managing the frequentation of the most used areas in order to preserve the environment and ensure the safety of users, with the aim of sustainable and eco-responsible development.

As an engineer, I have always been attracted by innovation, so I am naturally happy that new technologies can help us in the preservation of our heritage.

All these distinctions have always been an encouragement to continue to work together for a better quality of life, today and for the next generations. We are doing everything possible to ensure that Bora Bora is always an “eco-friendly island”.

IO-VANILLA : The blockchain at the heart of responsible agriculture | Focus on the vanilla sector

The second part of this ambitious project is the use of blockchain to support the vanilla industry, particularly on the islands of Mauritius and Madagascar.

This crop is indeed threatened by climate change, but it is also subject to counterfeiting. The blockchain that will be set up by IO-EKO aims to provide concrete solutions to these problems, notably by allowing better traceability of production, but also by
using smart contracts to protect it and fight against fraud.

Indeed, blockchain makes it possible to imagine automatic alert systems to protect plants from a future storm, or an automated insurance system that will allow producers to be compensated more quickly after a possible disaster.

Furthermore, IO-EKO’s objective is to support the production system to promote a fair environment, where growers will be fairly compensated when selling their products.

We are proud to be experimenting with IO-VANILLE alongside Dharam and Dhareena. As true experts in this rare spice, we are helping to secure the quality process and enhance the value of their profession as vanilla growers.

This innovative approach shows that technology can contribute to responsible farming and environmental protection.

A natural partnership with ARCHETHIC TECHNOLOGIES, a resolutely ethical and responsible player committed to the blockchain ecosystem.

Aware of the ambition of his project, Yann VALLET wished to work from the beginning of his project with trusted technological partners.

He therefore decided to work closely with ARCHETHIC TECHNOLOGIES to make his vision a reality.

The Archethic blockchain is based on 4 years of research and 11 international patents. Archethic is an open-source public blockchain designed to be both faster than the current offering, but also to have an energy consumption suitable for environment-related projects.

A local partnership with KEINATA

Supporting organizations towards sustainable and responsible performance through managerial innovation

Patrick Yrondi, Director of Keinata comments

Our mission is to co-construct the transformation (evolution) of organizations so that they become more innovative, committed, agile and innovative for better performance and well-being in a constantly changing world. Our vocation is to accompany managerial innovation and to develop collective intelligence for more value.

Our mission as a facilitator is to enable internal actors and stakeholders to “think together to act and succeed together”.

Accompanying transitions and transformations is in our DNA…

KEINATA proposes a management of managerial, organizational and human transformation. Any ambitious and/or innovative project, with a strong positive impact on communities, raises concerns and provokes resistance that must be taken into account in order to deploy the project in the best conditions.

Our approach is based on the Palo Alto systemic and behavioral school. Instead of a linear causality approach, we prefer one that allows us to integrate the natural complexity of things and people, to bring another perception of reality.

We act on the following 5 support points: systems, teams, networks, processes and technologies (with our partner IO-EKO).

Our main areas of intervention :

  • Share and deploy the strategic vision and operational actions
  • Detecting operational performance opportunities
  • Improve management and governance practices
  • Strengthen and improve the performance of the HR function
  • Evaluate and develop soft skills

We propose sustainable transformations (economic, social, environmental) and develop Performance & Well-being through Confidence, Competence, and Enthusiasm.

Yann VALLET, founder of IO-EKO adds

I am very grateful to be able to count on the expertise of the Archethic team to help me implement my project.

We have created an ambitious project to build a more virtuous world and I am convinced that, with their help, we can achieve it.
We are experimenting with IO-ISLAND on Bora Bora before replicating this model around the world: islands, big cities, or any other ecosystem to be protected.

We look forward to seeing the positive impact of this project on the island’s natural ecosystems.

Our IO-VANILLE program, currently being tested with Vanill’Art in Mauritius, will also allow us to replicate the model for other key products such as tea, cocoa, coffee or rosewood.
Thanks to our application currently under development, we will be able to highlight the work of vanilla growers and help them obtain FSSC 22000 certification, an important benchmark for consumers and manufacturers worldwide.

IO-EKO’s goal, as the GreenTech laboratory of the future, is to become the international leader in the protection of natural ecosystems.

Our users will be rewarded for actions to protect natural ecosystems, creating the first PROTECT-TO-EARN project in the crypto industry…

We are ready to take on this challenge for a more virtuous future.

Sébastien DUPONT, co-founder of ARCHETHIC TECHNOLOGIES comments

We are working to create a respectful and sustainable ecosystem, and we are especially pleased that such ambitious projects are using our blockchain to grow.

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Première mondiale, IO-ISLAND se déploie sur la perle du Pacifique | BORA BORA

Première mondiale, IO-ISLAND se déploie sur la perle du Pacifique | BORA BORA

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